by Cris Ferro in House about 15 June 2017 - report

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Galantis Remix Competition

hey guy , i just released a new remix for the song hunter by galantis , if you guys could please take a second to vote here :


i wroked my ass off for this one , from producer to producer , please help a brother out.

thank you so much

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    by Eric Barnes about 19 June 2017

    Hi, Chris. It has a "Shape Of You" kind of vibe which I am really digging these days. Nice work.

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    by Aaron Archuleta about 18 June 2017

    Hey Cris,

    Transitions are not natural at 1:36, 2:14, 2:43.

    The "I See Thunder Plucks" sample is very obvious as well. Try customizing the sample. Lastly, ask yourself if you can see people dancing to this if it were played at a music festival.  

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    • Cris Ferro
      by Cris Ferro
      19 June 2017

      lmao thanks for the feedback... , i was not going to music festival type of song , more like a chill mix its at a 100 bpm, the transitions were actualy done like that in purpose to create tension, an the plucks i thought about pitching them down a semi...  more

    • Aaron Archuleta
      by Aaron Archuleta
      19 June 2017

      The style of music here seems similar to something that would be played at a festival. I guess what I'm saying is to consider the type of venue where the music would be played, that way your music has an identity.

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