by Dakoda Sada 2 in Other about 13 June 2017 - report

"Happy as a Clam"

old school, old school...

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    by pblank about 17 June 2017

    i like this & time after time you always bring something new & better to the forum. your sounds are very clear & to the point. i think that you would be good in a band where you could mix your ideas & sounds in with guitars, bass, strings etc etc i think it would just colour those parts that are empty

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    • Dakoda Sada 2
      by Dakoda Sada 2
      18 June 2017

      hey thanks,
      yeah , a nice twangy guitar would let me sound a bit less like "depeche mode" and a bit more like "new order" :-)
      that would be great...

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    by Cris Ferro about 15 June 2017

    it has a very retro feeling! i dig it! 

    check out my post as well please! http://community.pointblankmusicschool.com/track/view/3677/i-need-your-help-galantis-remix-competition

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    by Al Blivious about 13 June 2017

    Great I love this have you changed this from the session last week when you played this? Happy as a clam ,great title. You could probably make use of some interesting reverbs and delays there lots of space in this

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    • Dakoda Sada 2
      by Dakoda Sada 2
      14 June 2017

      I trimmed the lead synth back to not compete with the vocals as much and made more space by automating the mix on the reverb to be a little drier "during" the vocal phrases but increased the wetness on the tail of some phrases.

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