by J E in Other about 12 June 2017 - report

Ape Livin - Sammy

Hi guys,

Like the all of us,I continue a journey in search of my own sound. Here's something I made the other day.Would appreciate your constructive feedback,positive or negative. Also feel free to share your music,I'll gladly give you my thoughts on your stuff.

 Cheers )

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    by Cris Ferro about 15 June 2017

    nice synths dude, as mentioned above a little tnesion could of helped out the song stand out way more , good luck on finding your sound!


    check out my post as well please! http://community.pointblankmusicschool.com/track/view/3677/i-need-your-help-galantis-remix-competition

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    by Al Blivious about 13 June 2017

    I like the feel of the chords and the drum groove you have down and in that sense I think you have some nice elements to buld on. For me what is lacking in the the track is any tension, the main chord progression that plays throughout is given away straight away. Could you create another section from the same chords that is unresolving and create more tension? The bass could also be introduced early. Like I said theres some good stuff in here but it needs fashioning in a track, the arrangement is just not interesting enough yet

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    • J E
      by J E
      13 June 2017

      Thanks,appreciate it

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