by Pan Chlopczyk in Other about 9 June 2017 - report

Kroki "Who You Are" Pan Chlopczyk Remix

production, mix and mastering are homemade. what do you think?

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    by Cris Ferro about 15 June 2017

    very dark , my style , love it 


    check out my post as well please! http://community.pointblankmusicschool.com/track/view/3677/i-need-your-help-galantis-remix-competition

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    by Abdullah Andrea Munish about 13 June 2017

    Great song, I love the vocal how they sit together with the beat. great work keep doing good music

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    by Al Blivious about 10 June 2017

    Great to hear from you Pan, this feels likre a new direction. You've worked a really interesting production around this vocal, I think it's excellent, is it for a comp?

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