by Mark Whittaker in Other about 4 June 2017 - report

Sound Unheard

This started out with the experimental idea whether I could compose a track just with midi entry without listening to anything until the end (not a good idea) and could I do it in a day (it took a day and a half to complete but I did do some there stuff like eat and sleep). Also aside from the drums all the synth sounds are done out of the box which is new for me.

Unfortunately, the result ended up sounding like a line dancing number which surprisingly is not a genre category catered for on the Point Blank Track area.

Certainly not my finest moment but any feedback good and bad gratefully recieved.

Cheers, Mark

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    by Al Blivious about 4 June 2017

    What do you normally use for your synth and drum sounds? Outboard gear? Digital line dancing, has anyone done this yet? ;)

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    • Mark Whittaker
      by Mark Whittaker
      4 June 2017

      Thanks Al, I normally work totally in the box using Studio One and the usual synth plugins (e.g. Sylenth etc) but I recently got a few Eurorack modules which I used for all the synth and effects sounds on this track. For the drums I used the Microtonic p...  more

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