by phua in Electro House about 7 May - report


Inputing different electronic beats together in the hope to form amazing zeon.

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  • 380

    by Oliver Evans about 9 May

    This should be in the Guinness World Of Records for the longest track in history!

  • 1832

    by Al Blivious about 8 May

    Wow it's so long Phua, I don't have two hours to listen to it but there are loads of ideas in here as ever. Have you thought about shorter more focused arrangements?

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    • phua
      by phua
      9 May

      Hi AI, yes I have thought about a shorter and more focused music track. However in this music track, I wanted to create different beats ideas and so that's why this track is long. It's true that it's very long again & it takes up a lot of time just to...  more

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