by Dany 8 in Deep House about September 11, 2015 - report

Glitch - Dub Fu (Raw Analogue Mix)

Some really nice samples in the Raw Analogue pack!!

Here's my Tech House take on things.

Any feedback or critique welcome


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    by Reydes about September 13, 2015

    Good track, I really like you style Glitch! Great Arpeggio at 2:50, give a mysterious vibe that i like a lot!

    Sadly there's some lacks in the mix, especially for the weak kickdrum on the low-end. 

    Your arrangment skills are tuned perfectly man, now you just have to study how to mix as best!

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    by Jean Pierre LANTIERI about September 13, 2015

    Nice one!

    Maybe a little bit too much reverb/release on the synth arpeggio after 3:21... just maybe.

    For the kick and bass, I use some tricks that work for me: I use the Sonic Academy Kick vst (which I find punches through the mix nicely but firmly), and the Nicky Romero Kickstart on the sub to let the kick's sub not mess around with the bass sub (sidechain compression on the sub from the kick would get a similar result).

    Otherwise very nice track, I like it!


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    by Steve Reightler about September 13, 2015

    I like the arpegeos that start around 2:50

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    by Robert Seniuta about September 11, 2015

    I really like the panorama of the vocals! Great job!

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