by Derek Coan in House about 29 April - report

House Mix Warm Up

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    by Ed Hearne about 14 May

    Awesome set dude, some exlusives in there! I've been jamming along to this :)

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    by Dave Plant about 11 May

    Nice tunes and well put together!
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    by Mark Millner about 30 April

    Wow! I'm lovin that bassline on the track around the 30:50 min mark. I remember a style of NYC house which emerged post garage era.It reminds me of that. I believe it was pre funky filtered french house. The style used strong filtered organ stabs, reverbed synth stabs, deep bass and shuffling clean rhythms. It gave the music an atmosphere.It gained some good exposure, as Josh Wink would sometimes have a few tracks and DJ sets devoted to the filtered techy NYC  style. 

    The track which follows it is a powerhiter! I had to replay it.

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    by Oliver Evans about 29 April

    Nice one Derek, will give this a spin later!

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