by Guido Heuber about April 28, 2017 - report

Defected x Point Blank Mix Competition: Bambobyl

so this is it: My mix for "Defected x Point Black - 2017 Croatia". After many years working for radio stations (f.e.: I co-founded KISS FM Berlin) I´m finally there, where I belong: At my decks. Bringing all my knowledge & love in (house-)music to you, but also some flashbacks in music history. This mix starts with the typical "Defected-Style", leads over to some very nice deep & "underground" tracks and my set ends with music that MUST everybody keep grooving. That´s what I imagine to spin for "Defected". Croatia would be a dream. London sounds fantastic, too. I´d be happy if you gave me your support. Music adds the color to your day !



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