by John ØLdbøŸ in House about 18 April 2017 - report

That Simple Need. (PB Music Competition)

Did this a while back, brought this to PIMP at the end of last year. Spent a little time on the mix since then.

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    by Art Polikarpov about 3 May 2017

    Nice one! Sounds good even on laptop :)

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    by Oliver Evans about 21 April 2017

    Nice work here John, has a great vibe to it! Good luck with the comp

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    by Al Blivious about 18 April 2017

    Great to hear from you John, was wondering where you had got to. Really enjoying this track, I love the bass part although I was thinking that maybe it takes too long to come in? The rhodes part kinda reminds me of a Fela Kuti type part

    • John ØLdbøŸ
      by John ØLdbøŸ
      18 April 2017

      Hey Al, hows it goin? Yeah, been on lock down for a while, good to be back on PI:)
      I recon I need to shave the first 2 bars of the intro beats off. I think that would sort it?

    • John ØLdbøŸ
      by John ØLdbøŸ
      20 April 2017

      and Ill take Fela all day long :) Sound!!

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