by Andy Everett in Dubstep about April 11, 2017 - report

(PB Music Competition) MystaE - Animal

Vocal Dubstep track
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    by Louis Louis about April 30, 2017

    Nice Vibe really enjoyed the vocal

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about April 12, 2017

    Nice work Andy, love the overall vibe on this. I'm wondering for a dubstep track if you need some reverb on that snare, it sounds quite dry. 

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    • Andy Everett
      by Andy Everett
      April 12, 2017

      Thanks Al appreciate your feedback. Yeah I deliberated and tweaked the snare layers for ages and ended up with quite a dry snappy sound as there was already so much reverb on the other elements, may well go back and tweak it again at some point though, I'...  more

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