by Ben McGreal in House about 9 April 2017 - report

District 93 - Bits

Following on from the previous track is 'bits' with a more housey energic vibe to it.

As always let me know what you think:)

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    by Lenny James about 15 April 2017

    Excellent stuff Ben, a job well done!
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    by Alex Phountzi about 10 April 2017

    Really upfront raw sound, love the filtered bassline. Is that a sample of an old track? The track is literally popping out of my speakers

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    • Ben McGreal
      by Ben McGreal
      10 April 2017

      Cheers Al, the bass is one of my own presets I've made, theres a few samples vocals and synths but everything else is mine :)

  • 420

    by Oliver Evans about 10 April 2017

    Another great track mate, love the samples. I'm sure this would smash up a dance floor!

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