by DJIJK x in House about 1 April 2017 - report

Indigo Rogue - They Still Reminisce...

Just a little something i knocked together as a tribute to the original after falling down the Pete Rock and CL Smooth rabbit Hole a few weeks back.


Enjoy...and most importantly go enjoy the original!

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  • 420

    by Oliver Evans about 3 April 2017

    Really like what you've done here Ian, definitely digging this. Looking forward to checking out more of your stuff! 

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    • DJIJK x
      by DJIJK x
      4 April 2017

      cheers dude, means a lot

  • 2082

    by Alex Phountzi about 3 April 2017

    Wicked flip of a total classic feeling this. April is already turning into a good month on Plugged in :) Keep em coming dude

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    • DJIJK x
      by DJIJK x
      3 April 2017

      much appreciated :)

  • 64

    by Lenny James about 1 April 2017

    A nice downbeat house track. I have always loved pete rock and this a good example of sampling :)

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    • DJIJK x
      by DJIJK x
      2 April 2017

      Cheers Buddy - I am ashamed to say i only recently stumbled across his back cat! - but really great stuff

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