by Wainscott in IDM about February 2, 2017 - report

I Saw You Last Night by Wainscott (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


A slice of modernised Hi NRG with an accompanying video of me chasing after a couple of robbers in my car. Not sure what to categorise this as? IDM, maybe?

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about February 2, 2017

    Ha great work on the video Wainscott, did you makew the footage or is from somewhere else?

    Got a cool 80s synthpop vibe to it this, some of the synthtopline melodies are getting a little lost in the mix but working overall :)

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    • Wainscott
      by Wainscott
      February 3, 2017

      The video was directed by a friend of mine who shot and edited it on his own as well. It was based on an idea that I had for it. The two robbers are also friends of mine who I'm chasing in my car.
      And yeah I've always thought that when the track gets at ...  more

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