by Art Polikarpov in Experimental about January 1, 2017 - report

AP - Housemade N1: 04 DrumBrute v2

Solo on Arturia DrumBrute (Analog Drum Synthesizer)

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    by Chris S about January 2, 2017

    I like the moody vibe here. I could see this track backing a scene in a movie.

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    by Alex Phountzi about January 2, 2017

    By solo do you mean that all of this was done on the DrumBrute? Love the rawness of this, wondering if the kick could be tighter. The pitch envelope is really really prounounced, maybe if you filtered away the high frequencies like you have it at say 2.50

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    • Art Polikarpov
      by Art Polikarpov
      January 2, 2017

      Tighten lows a bit, and shorten length of the track. The problem is that I have all drum parts on one track, so I can not fix levels, but I've tried to improve this live with dynamic eq and some filters and transients plugins.
      By solo I mean Arturia is th...  more

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