by Oliver Evans in Deep House about 19 August 2016 - report

Escape From Love (Oliver Revilo Remix)

Hey all, I finished this remix last night for a Spinnin Records remix competition. Here is a link to the original if you want to compare the 2. Cheers, Oliver



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  • 15

    by Pablo Silva about 4 October 2016

    Gr8 track m8 !!!
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  • 203

    by Aaron Archuleta about 27 September 2016

    This is awesome stuff! The melody fits well with the vocals. I think the bass and drums could be a little gritier. To my ears it sounds a little dry. But maybe that's just me.  

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  • 49

    by Iain Andrews about 3 September 2016

    Now thats a banger!! Good luck with the comp

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  • 96

    by Derek Coan about 29 August 2016

    Good work Oliver !!..good luck:) cheers..
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  • 2083

    by Al Blivious about 22 August 2016

    Great big room sound but keeping it tasteful, nice work Oliver and good luck in the comp

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  • 12

    by Jenny Clark about 21 August 2016

    Nice remix. Good luck with the competition
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  • 64

    by Lenny James about 20 August 2016

    Exellent remix Oliver, you made it sound like it could in fact be an original.

    The actual original was awful, you did it justice in my eyes. Well done!

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  • 103

    by Ben McGreal about 20 August 2016

    Captured that chilled vibe with that thumping bass and clean hats!


    good work mate

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  • 227

    by Steve Reightler about 19 August 2016

    *Disclaimer*  Only able to listen on earbuds currently.

    Banging track, Oliver!  The bass is wicked as usual.  One thing that I thought would be cool with the vocals at 1:20 .. add an echo or repeat with LP rolling off a bit as it fades. Or maybe use a band filter and give it a radio GaGa effect.

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