by Oliver Evans in Deep House about 8 August 2016 - report

Samantha Harvey - Wonderland (Oliver Revilo Remix) Remix entry

Here is my Samantha Harvey remix. Enjoy! Thanks, Oliver

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    by Edson Targino about 2 September 2016

    Really enjoyed! Great vocal and progress!
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  • 64

    by Lenny James about 9 August 2016

    Great work my friend, you've put a nice spin from the original
  • 91

    by Derek Coan about 9 August 2016

    Nice remix Oliver good arrangement.
  • 219

    by Steve Reightler about 8 August 2016

    I have to agree with Hearing Colours on this.  The bass does seem a bit overwhelming at times ... pushes the vocals to the back.  However the bass sound is sick!  I love it :) .  Do you think the kick needs a tiny more punch to it?  Maybe the bass is masking it a little.  I'm not sure about that though.  Nice remix overall, Oliver.

  • 92

    by Hearing Colours about 8 August 2016

    I really dig this, dude! The bass line sounds a bit loud to me, though. Love how you completely took apart the song and only left a faint synth for the song to build back up on. That worked really well. Good work!

  • 49

    by Iain Andrews about 8 August 2016

    Nice remix Oliver, good vocal treatment and mix all round. Well done!

  • 103

    by Ben McGreal about 8 August 2016

    Nice use on vocals on this mate, clean mix down and arrangment! 

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