by Oliver Evans in Deep House about 12 May 2016 - report

Oliver Revilo - What Is Love?

Here is a new one from me on the deep house vibe.

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    by Kris Ziolkowski about 17 May 2016

    Great vibe here Oliver, I am liking the groove of your stabs with a steady beat. I would bring your great sounding strings up @1:52. The tambourine is a bit too loud overall in my opinion but that's if I am extremely picky ;) Well done!

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    • Oliver Evans
      by Oliver Evans
      17 May 2016

      Nice one Kris, thanks for the review & your feedback. Glad you like it! I will take a look at the tambs & the strings & make a few adjustments :)

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    by Steve Reightler about 16 May 2016

    Ooooh this is quite catchy, Oliver.  I love the drum groove as well as the bass.  I also like how you've kept it almost minimal with not too many instruments playing at once.  Great job m8!

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    by Al Blivious about 13 May 2016

    Excellent stuff Oliver, this really works, got a aggy Bristol house vibe. Great to hear how your sound has progressed since in the time since you took the course with us

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    • Oliver Evans
      by Oliver Evans
      13 May 2016

      Nice one Al, glad you like it. Thanks for feedback.
      More new music coming soon

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