by kayanoush vavella 1 in Experimental about November 8 - report

You & I

First attempt at vocals. Except the limiter, only stock logic plug ins were used. All opinions appreciated.

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    by Stavros Potamitis about November 17

    Textures are excellent here Kayanoush. There is one textural melodic line panned heavily on the left in the beginning and there is nothing to balance it on the right for a while so I would automate the pan to move it around the stereo field. Vocal has a really nice feel to it but it needs a little work on the processing and mix. Overall this has great potential, fantastic work

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    • kayanoush vavella 1
      by kayanoush vavella 1
      November 19

      cheers Stavros. I am in the process of remixing the track and will take your comments on board.

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