by Tevich Pornaruntham in Dubstep about October 21, 2019 - report

EMPTY (Melodic Dubstep)

I was spent for 3 weeks in this song. I love to hear feedback. I also using bass sound sample and make my own bass sound. :))))

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    by kayanoush vavella 1 about November 6, 2019

    Good intro. Maybe tame the upper and mid frequencies and more depth to the kick.

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    by Stavros Potamitis about October 23, 2019

    Like the epic feel of this Ostrish. The sound design is very satisfying overall but drums could do with further tone shaping. Second drop could use some work as the way sounds are arranged took me out of the groove a little. Overall excellent work

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    by Adriano Asamoah about October 22, 2019

    Love the concept and all the sounds are perfectly put together. The structure of the song is great but the second drop lost me a bit. I can slightly hear many crashes in the higher frequencies which can make it sound too crunchy and loud. But good one. Hope to hear more
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