by Louis Louis in Techno about August 31 - report

Into The Groove

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    by Rabih Bardawil about October 14

    Very nice stuff man !

    only think i would suggested is some tone variations or adding some percs for continuous build up in the mid section of ur track.

    Good job :)

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    by Vlad Teodor about October 4

    Great idea and I really like the pad. The main melody line sounds a bit like the Camargue track by The Advent. 

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    by nobita suka about September 13

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    by Stavros Potamitis about September 5

    Liking the pad on this one Louis. Intro is interesting and creates anticipation for the main section. Main section keys could do with a little less distortion as they sound a little unpleasantly digitally distorted (don;t get me wrong, distortion on elements can be amazing but here you need to pull it back a bit). Mix also could overall be tighter. Very good effort. 

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