by Louis Louis in Techno about August 31 - report

Whn She Gets Down On Her Knees

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    by Rabih Bardawil about October 14

    i agree with stavros ! it would be suggested to have as less elements as possible n the begininning and build up slowly for a better drop effect. 


    the clap after the first drop could use some rework or some minor adjustments and a bit of mixing. 


    overall i like the groove and the flow of ur track ! keep it up man

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    by Stavros Potamitis about September 5

    I enjoyed the overall vibe of the track Louis. I would rework the intro as it should start with less elements and slowly introduce the new elements making it more dj friendly. Mix could use some work too as it is quite muddy at the moment. Transitions also could be smoother and try add some variation to your drums. Good effort!

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