by David Sephton in Deep House about August 21 - report

Music On My Mind

Looked for a chilled funky vibe for this one - hope you enjoy :)

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    by Stavros Potamitis about September 5

    Really enjoyed the intro David. Drums however sound quite basic and could do with further tone shaping and more variations in the programming. At breakdown the transition is quite abrupt; maybe use delays on the elements that stopped so they leave a tail for a smoother transition. Good work!

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    • David Sephton
      by David Sephton
      September 5

      Yeah did wonder about softening the transition to the breakdown and the overall simplicity of the drums - thanks for the tip , will try it out :) Thanks Stavros

    • David Sephton
      by David Sephton
      September 10

      Have tweaked a bit as suggested - hopefully abruptness softened :)

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