by Zachary Russell in Trap about July 24, 2019 - report

Love Something

Went for a chill vibe trap beat/instrumentalish on this one. What do you guys think? Does anyone notice any clashing parts? eq mistakes? And transition wise on some parts its meant to be quick and sudden but lmk if it sounds bad too

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    by David Sephton about August 21, 2019

    REally interesting and atmospheric sounds on this Zachary - love the bass part coming in around the minute mark - felt the mid section needed more of a change up - maybe bring in the section around 2m mark a little sooner? Great sounds overall though - really enjoted :)

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    by Matthew Bowden 1 about July 26, 2019

    Loved this Zachary! Its really well made! Great job ;) Look forward to your future productions :D

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    by Stavros Potamitis about July 25, 2019

    This sounds lovely Zachary; fantastic armospheres and ear candy. Maybe the noise that you use as texture at the intro (which plays constantly) is a little loud. The bassline that plays around 1.40 could benefit from some type of distortin/saturation to become even grittier. Great work overall

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    • Zachary Russell
      by Zachary Russell
      August 2, 2019

      Thankyou for the info I'll try to work on getting something better with my next track! Agree completely with your critique

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