by Agnes Magistrelli in Pop about April 26, 2019 - report

Smalltown Boy (feat. OlexSandra)



Intimate and atmospheric dark synth-pop, emotional characteristic vocal, visceral beats and dynamic rhythms. New arrangement of earlier song from the 80's, taking you to the new world of electronic sound.

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    by David Sephton about May 9, 2019

    love this arrangement - very moody and passionate - great change on the vocals at 3:00 min mark - honestly can't think of anything i'd change - great job !! 

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    • Agnes Magistrelli
      by Agnes Magistrelli
      May 16, 2019

      Woow that's an amazing comment! Thank you very much

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    by Stavros Potamitis about April 30, 2019

    Your link does not work I'm afraid 

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    • Agnes Magistrelli
      by Agnes Magistrelli
      April 30, 2019

      I've checked and everything works fine at my side, however I am based in the UK and just to let you know YouTube Music (the link to video I have provided ) works only in certain countries, not all of them I am afraid, hence I have also included link to m...  more

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