by Wainscott in Electro House about March 20, 2019 - report


This is only a snippet of my latest track. I was gonna post a private link to the whole track exclusively to here but it was an invalid link apparently.

The reason for the title for this is because I used to deliver pizzas years ago, and one evening whilst the shop was really quiet, the idea for this tune came to me in great detail which I've managed to remember perfectly well for all of these years.

As ridiculous as that sounds, I can assure you that it's a true story ;)

I'm not really sure what genre to choose from the list, as it doesn't really sound like any of what's listed. It's definitely dance music though.

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    by play game about April 18, 2019

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    • Wainscott
      by Wainscott
      April 20, 2019

      What's that got to do with my track???

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    by Chietamane about April 6, 2019

    Makes me want to throw away my cell phone and use a cassette player, hip track!

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    by Debby van Dooren about March 20, 2019

    Cool, this totally reminds me of some movie out of the 80s ; ) Delivering Pizza could also totally work with this as the soundtrack ; ) haha

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    • Wainscott
      by Wainscott
      March 21, 2019

      Thanks! Now there's an idea for a video lol.

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