by Aramis Moreno in Deep House about March 17, 2019 - report

Smooth Heat

Heya, this is my first track upload on "Plugged In", give it a try and please tell me your opinion!

A little bit backround-story:
So this was kind of an accidental thingy tbh...
I can't recall my original intended genre, but it ended up to be this Deep House song. A genre I didn‘t like and never really explored until I happened to make this song. Really a funny mistake that ended up to be one of my favourite & most "mature" projects so far.

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    by David Sephton about March 23, 2019

    really like the transition and chords around the minute mark - the tack continues to build up nicely and gets to really cool groove at the 2 min mark - seems to lose its way around four minutes mark - think final stages needs a stronger riff - but overall really like the vibe

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    • Aramis Moreno
      by Aramis Moreno
      April 12, 2019

      Thanks for your kind and yet honest words, I´ll work on my outros then ;)

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