by ANNMS Music in Bass about February 20, 2019 - report

The 2nd Song of my carrier I am proud of. :)

I have made this track on FL Studio 12.3 . I designed all sounds by myself in Harmor. For me it's good but I am just a beginner, I would appreciate it if someone can guide me to get a much better mixdown! 



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    by Kushan Singh about February 20, 2019

    Hey ANNMS. The track is nice, getting some Marshmello and OMGF vibes.

    Id suggest adding more depth with reverb, and balancing audio levels.

    Great work, Keep at it :)

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    • Kushan Singh
      by Kushan Singh
      February 20, 2019

      Sorry, its *OMFG

    • ANNMS Music
      by ANNMS Music
      February 20, 2019

      Hi Kushan, thanks for the tip. How can I get more depth in reverb?

    • Kushan Singh
      by Kushan Singh
      February 20, 2019

      Firstly id suggest adding an auxilary track to which u can send the dry signal of your synthesizer. This way, the dry signal wont be affected.
      Next put ur reverb on the auxilary track, and make sure the 'wet' knob in your reverb is set to max.
      Finally ex...  more

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