by Matthew Bowden 1 in Other about February 18, 2019 - report

Instrumental? Film, advert or game maybe?

Just an instrumental made these last couple of days. Would love to know if its likeable haha ;) hope you enjoy it :D 3:

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    by David Sephton about March 6, 2019

    Yeah I can just see the helicopter shots as we are flying over the Amazon Rain forest !!  Love the strings and brass around 4:44 - nice job dude ! Only constructive criticism I can make is that i think at some point later it neeeds a melodic catch introducing - probably on an oboe or some more pan pipes!!

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    • Matthew  Bowden 1
      by Matthew Bowden 1
      April 9, 2019

      Nice one! yeah, it does just flip straight into it! Great shout! thanks man!

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    by Kushan Singh about February 20, 2019

    Hey Matthew. Great job on this one. Can definitely see it as a theme for a lost tribe uniting for a better future. Just a side note, getting some ATB vibes.
    Check out the track ATB - Chapter One. Real mellow.

    Keep it up:)

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    • Matthew  Bowden 1
      by Matthew Bowden 1
      February 20, 2019

      Hey man, nice one! I will check that out, nice one! I need to expand my orchestral library . I think this one is just going to keep going

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