Indroducing myself and Info about Point Blank Music online course

Hi everyone,

this is my first post I so I present myself:

my name is Claudio, I'm 34 years old and I come from Sardinia, a island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

I produce electronic music since 15 years and I release 8 vyinls for some indipendent tekno European labels. Now I direct my music production into an ambient/cinematic style.

I 'm interested in new music tecnologies and instrruments and I wanna improve my knowledge so I'm thinking to get a Point Blank course. 

I think that the  "Native Instruments Sound Design" online course is really interesting for what i'm producing now. 

So I wanna ask if it is possibile and easy to have that course online from my home (I work 8 hours per day so I hope to have enough  time to partecipate to the course) and if at the end of the course should be some final examination and if I will get some qualification valid internationally.


thanks guys,

this community entry point seems really cool

hope to partecipate constantly.



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