How to write a high quality summary?

Summary refers to the abstract (introduction) part of essay writing by foreign students. Since it is an abstract / introduction, it is natural to express the central idea of ​​the original text in the most concise language, which is a refinement of the original author's point of view. Then let's take a look at how to write a high-quality summary with the editor.

How to write a high quality summary?

Because the summary part has a limited number of words, it must be comprehensive, accurate, and true to the original point of view. Students need to pay attention to omit unnecessary details, such as illustrating such information can be completely omitted. Students can use their own words to summarize the main points of the content you want to introduce, but it is important to note that the point concept you want to elaborate at this moment is the original author's point of view and attitude. In addition, the proper use of some transition words will make the article look more coherent.

What are the writing steps?

First, read the full text.

In this process, students are required to mark the important content in the article and the part that has a reference function for writing their own summary.

Second, draft the first draft.

After the students have a general understanding of the parts that will be summarized, they can begin to draft your first draft. In this process, students can use the main sentence as the leading sentence, and other points as the content of the summary. However, it should be noted that in summary writing, it is only necessary to summarize the main points of the sentence, not some detailed descriptions. In addition, try to avoid using the original sentence as much as possible and use your own words to summarize the original author's point of view.

Finally, check the finalization.

After the first draft of the summary is completed, students can first read through their summary and check whether they have accurately expressed the original idea and the main points of writing, and whether there are grammatical errors.

Summary of common grammatical errors:

  • Due to the deep-rooted Chinese logic of the students, most students will make some mismatches in phrase phrases. For example: the combination of though and but is incorrect. In the same sentence, the two cannot occur at the same time, regardless of whether you have a comma in the sentence.

  • There are a lot of vocabularies for reasons and transitions, so you can use as many different words as possible. There are a lot of fixed collocation phrases in these vocabulary. Xiaobian suggested that students should use the query after uncertain query. If it's not clear, I'd rather discard this phrase and use some common words.

  • For some clauses in compound sentences, students must pay attention to keeping the tense consistent when writing.

The above is all about how to write a high-quality Summary. I hope it will be helpful for students' summary writing. If You can need to write an essay for your assignment and don't get an idea of topics then you have to hire Professional essay help UK and get an amazing quality essay. 


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