Which course?


I am trying to figure out which course should I apply for at Point Blank and looking for suggestions and personal experience maybe?

I have been doing music for a few years now. I play the guitar (have been in a band and had some studio experience). At home I use Ableton with Push and another midi controller so I am familiar with how Ableton and production process works. I think what I am looking for is a course that will help me get "that polished" sound and correct anything I may be doing wrong with compression, EQ and maybe arrangements themselves. So basically I am not a newbie but need to get rid of some bad habits and find out if I am crap or maybe there is something I could improve? :)

I mostly do Electronic Music (techno, house etc.) but I also record some rock/metal stuff. I would like to be able to actually produce stuff for films as well (as this is the nature of my job) - at the moment I go to music libraries.

I have been considering these courses:



Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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