EDM Artist Looking For Songwriters To Cowrite

Hello all,

Hope all is well! I'm Fiona and I graduated from ICMP MA Songwriting last year. I'm a pop/EDM singer, songwriter, producer myself. I'm currently looking for songwriters to collaborate with for my artist project. I'm looking for writers who are interested in writing synth pop/EDM styles and whose strength is lyrics writing. I have put together some demos and a playlist for my reference tracks. Just to name a few artists who inspire me / who I listen to a lot including: What So Not, Au/Ra, Avicii, Franky Wah, Mako.

It will be music to my ears if you are based in London too although will condiser working remotely if necessary.

If interested, feel free to get in touch and share your tracks with me :)

My email is : fionahuangmusic@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from you and writing with you.


songwriter lyrics #collabs lyricist

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