WHAT IS computer (computertechreviews.com)

computer is a device which has functions of receiving, storing and suitably processing data. A computer is automated to perform logical or arithmetic operations.

The computer, that essential equipment in today’s everyday life that is also known by the name of the personal computer or desktop system, is an electronic machine that allows to process and accumulate data. The term comes from the Latin computer (“calculate”).

If we look for the exact definition of the term “computer,” we will find that it is an electronic machine capable of receiving, processing and returning results based on specific data and that to perform this task, it has an input and an output means.

On the other hand, a computer system consists of two subsystems that receive the names of software and hardware, the first consists of the logical part of the computer (programs, applications, etc.) the second in the physical part (elements that form it like motherboard, fan, RAM).   

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