Poor Study Skills that Affect Your Performance

Bad study habits can ruin your performance in school.Lack of student motivation can lead you to loathe studying time. It is appropriate to focus on what you are pursuing in college, which is learning. However, you may have a hard time doing so as a result of poor study skills.

1)    Procrastination

Putting studying for a later time becomes a habit. You keep procrastinating telling yourself that there is still time. Before you realize, time is passing, and there is no more time to study. This bad habit can cost you heavily in your studies, and it is good to shun it as early as possible.

2)    Wrong Study Places

Studying in some areas such as the bedroom or noisy places will make studying hard. You are likely to feel asleep when reading in bed. Noisy places will make you not focus on your studies. Setting your study desk in a quiet room with no noise will be a great place to study.

3)    Not Seeking Help

Keeping hard things for yourself can stress you, and it is not suitable for your health. Click for more info on strategies to acquire assistance. You will get help with essays or research projects that are hard.

You can give your essays for editing and proofreading. The help is available any time of day, and it is from professionals.

4)    Distractions

Being on social media chatting with friends or catching up with the latest news and trends is fun. Watching your favorite game or TV program is a great pastime. However, these are distractions that can come in the way of your studies. It will be helpful to put them off first until you are through with studies then pick up when you are free.

5)    Wrong company

You tend to be a replica of the people you associate with at college. If the company of friends you keep does not prioritize studies, you will follow suit. You can choose a study partner who is better than you so that they can assist him or her in studies or encourage him or her to read. You can also be alone and meet with friends later after studying.


Having a good night’s sleep is better than reading the whole night. Cultivate habits that improve your study skills.Focus on one thing at a time instead of trying everything at once. Study in breaks as you will be able to grasp more than studying for long hours.

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