BUDGET - Student Cost of living London

Hi, so I would like to get an idea of student cost of living so I can figure out a budget for my study time at Point Blank. 

It would be easiest to ask for a daily average spend and I can calculate from there. Obviously this depends on the individuals lifetstyle and requirements however, I am just wanting the bare minimum taking into account food and transport. Again, depending on how much food/drink and how many train/bus rides one takes but for someone that is prepared to live below their means. A bit of healthy food and a few train rides a day to and from the school. 

Accomodation aside, a student that will completely cut back on spending and will live within or below their means e.g. not dining out, not buying a coffee every day, not buying clothes and other items etc 

25-30pound a day sufficient?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!


budget cost of living

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