My Loopmasters Ableton Racks on sale right now :)

Hey my fellow point blankians :)


So I made these chord racks a little while ago for Loopmasters - and just got word there is a 50% off sale right (less than $4 each!)

Long story short - they are tons of chord progressions on a rack - meaning each section will have 3-5 chords that sounds amazing together, which you can trigger with just one note on a keyboard (allowing you to seriously jam as if you were a crazy piano player, with one finger...)



They both work identically - with just a difference in styles (both are actually super useful for any genre, but I was mostly making Electronic music with them (future ISH junk) - here is the tutorial on how they work


Here's some of my song examples of notes/chords completely used from this rack -


Also if anyone used or is going to use any of these Chord Racks - please share your music - would love to hear what you guys put together :)

ableton Deep House jazz MIDI MIDI processing ableton rack chords blue notes

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