Best affordable New Age Pad VST?
Dear Anyone.

This isn't a mixing question per se (that'll prob. come later!) it's a 'where do they get their sounds from' question. I'm a wannabe New Age composer , influences (with links) Michel Pepe ( Yellow Brick Cinema ( and Edward Simoni ( In all the cases it's the pad/synth sounds, not the 'real' instruments (even though they're prob. synths too!) Especially the Michel Pepe and those wonderful fuzzy, buzzy sounds at the start of the Edward Simoni piece. Please, I'm a beginner, if anyone could tell me what kinda affordable VST (on PC, my Mac's ancient!) I could get those sounds out of, they'd be doing me a massive favour.

I've currently got, amongst others, Proteus VX, Kontakt Player (NOT the full version) Sampletank, Korg Legacy Collection VST, SFZ+ Soundfont Player (best one, don't knock soundfonts!) the P8 (more buttons than Star Trek, never quite worked it out) and a miscellany of other free synths.

If one of the above can do those kinda sounds already (to a CD'able quality, I wanna have a CD out there!) and I've missed it through ignorance, rub my nose in which one. If you know any other VST that have those kinda sounds as tweakable presets (I am learning synthesis except it's gonna take awhile) please tell me.

Yours hopefully

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