Looking for flatshare in late August ---- September 2018

Hi guys & gyals, 


I am a Music Production & Sound Engineering student (year 2) looking to buddy up to rent out a house with musicians and music producers. My tolerance level for music coming from other rooms is very high. I come from warehouse communities lol .. I once slept through a techno rave in my living room (and I'm not too keen of this genre haha). I'm into hip hop, trap, rnb, neo soul, afrobeat, jazz, world music, funk etc. 

The best case scenario would be we have similar tastes in music. But difference is cool too ! You might know some sick djent music that i'd like ! yessir 

I think Brixton would be a sick area to do that butchaknow... as long as we have a cool house where we are free to express ourselves I do not mind the location! ^^

Please email me at ankharamusic@gmail.com.

Or add me on Facebook : Clara Ciechelski

We can have a Skype session and chat a likkle bit :) 



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