We Out Here: A London Jazz Story (youtube.com)

In case you had noticed London is in the midst of a serious jazz revival with a number of young artists coming together and doing it for themselves. Artists such as Moses Boyd, Ezra Collective and Kamaal Williams (who incidentally hit the UK top 40 with a 'jazz album' this week) are just a few name from a very rich scene. A lot of my friends are in and around this movement and have been for years and it's great to see musicianship and real live performance getting pushed to the fore again. This London take on jazz takes in all the electronic music and the soundsystem culture influence of music like Grime and Jungle (see earlier post on children of Windrush generation) and have injected a new energy. Feels like London is buzzing creatively again right now and this film focuses on several of the key players within this movment

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