What is your experience with mixcloud

Hello guy's.

I was wondering what is your experience with mixcloud? Have you ever promoted (paid) something there? I did and it turned out to be a fake service. During promotion, I was checking several times if my mix pops up somewhere but it did not, so I have asked them what is going on. After several weeks silence I had to officially warn them to provide evidence of their service - eventually after 6 weeks of emailing they paid my money back. 2nd story happened recently. Together with Brighton Music conference they started a competition. I submitted my mix along with other fellow dj's, but we (or at least I) never get to hear the final result. BMC has ended now, so I assume it should have been announced earlier. Even if I did not win I would expect from them to announce the winners. Is it all fake or is it just me having a bad luck with mixcloud. (and i have not talked about the asian dj's taking over all the charts with their countles listeners)



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