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Hi, this is my page on soundcloud.

Old tracks... there is no sonically experience as per best in class but those tracks have some potential alike Memories, Just music, Sunshine. Last upload on soundcloud is a mix done by me, completely from scratch: stems from Armin (Masterclass.com session), new Logic project and adding my chain of plugins/each channel... In the end, all the channels are sent to a bus where I've settled some dynamic (C4, SSL comp, gain, limiter and again gain... the dynamic bus then being routed to other one which is adding a nice sound due to Abbey Road Vinyl.... Master channel has linear eq, comp, overdrive, gain and limiter. This is the kind of music which  inspires me and, I can say that Trance is my next path. I am keen to achieve a good technique together with Point Blank.

All the best!

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