Exclusively on YouTube Channel SPACESTATION 19 ANNEX is a audio visual release of a project from the tape library of SHOGNOSIS Lab Group. As the first choice it was wise to begin a process of transfer of analog to digital...but coming from a very unique approach. 

The project was originally made in 2001 an was named "Mugsy Malone: MOXY". It is a combination of 1930's big band jazz and hip-hop using some sampling tricks and savvy. But after the process that was taken, it was definitely open to an upgrade and a repackaging. What took place to get it to be at least presentable is a good story. When originally creating this project it was done on the Playstation One (Original base system, compact version, new and better CPU, optional conversion with portable screen adapter.) using the Codemaster software MTV Music Generator. This DAW allowed us to sample and create what you hear in the project. It was recorded directly to cassette tape via the PS to a SHARP brand stereo system aux. Recorded after each creation was finalized. Running out of memory was a problem so it was a serious process to record to cassette tape well. After the project covered the full tape (Maxell UR 60 Mins) it went into the library. Now in order to present it today in 2018. There was another process to make this happen. After a few experimentations with transferring the tape to digital a box radio device by QFX that converts tapes to MP3 via USB was used. In this was found that the device records in mono only. To follow was the process of turning mono into stereo. Next was using software MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab to seperate the tracks and trim for use in Ableton where the conversion to stereo will be. Once in Ableton the individual tracks which are now stems can be placed in the matrix. The left and right channels turned fully to their perspective positions on tracks one (Left) and two (Right). Placing the one track on track 1 lane and Left. Then placing the same track in track 2 lane and the Right but about 30 milliseconds off from start after track 1. With a few fiddles with filters to help out with the mixing and mastering of each track through the process used. There was a good feeling of bringing a now old cassette tape to the future it was meant for. The 60 mins tape was split into a double EP album. Then turned up a bit with a visual. The sound is not like that of a new track freshley created. Though the project concept is fresh. The sound is repaired a bit from its aging process. 90% of the projects in the library are mastered to cassette tape and archived in this fashion.

The story that goes with the presented project is another. You can stream the project on YouTube Channel SPACESTATION 19 ANNEX. In the description box for each part of the project is a brief synopsis story in concept that you can read to get an idea of what you are listening to. The higlighted text link above takes you to the Instagram promo trailer on YouTube where you can refer to the description box there and click on the links to the audio visual EP's. Share and subscribe!

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