PeBe KaFeen Rework of Face Dancer

Face Dancer -CHANGE (A PeBe KaFeen Rework) 

Face Dancer is a rare and obscure rock group that slightly sound in the vein of the rock group STYX. The group has liitle to none in information about their recording history. The song CHANGE was first heard on the breakbeat album Breaks For Days from American New York native and DJ/Producer Paul Nice. The song has also been reproduced by a producer/artist Mark Relm from his album Spectacle. The track is currently also sampled by Dialeted Peoples member Evidence. My rework of the song was an influence of hearing it on Paul Nice's album. The lyrics and the style of the songs arrangement in part was what made me attracted to it. After getting the link from Paul Nice directly. I began working on the sound and the arrangement in Ableton to present a new and more agressive sound. Audio wise my rework has a few fillers involved to keep gaps glued closed because the song is not from a time of recording quantized. I personally like the organic count. But to really get a strong bump out of the recording I spent some time using filters and EQ's to get it how I wanted it sound. Following that I looked to create a visual to match the song to and came across a demonstration of a 80's concept car from Pontiac of their Firebird in the future. Reworking both the audio and video to make one cool visual with a pretty grimey story of heartbreaking love and anger. Check out the visual with the higlighted link at the beginning of this paragraph and share! 

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