I'm new to this community and want to say Hi :-)

Hey friends,

I've been a musician for quite a while now, and working as a professional drummer since the age of 17. Now I'm (almost) 28.

For a while I've been working on my electronic music production skills. I've found a true passion in different types of that giant genre!

I would love to connect with people who share the same passion for music, to just hang out together (maybe even in real life one day!), to exchange experiences and help each other out when facing problems production-wise or regarding any marketing ideas.

So to not piss anyone off right at the beginning: How are the ethics of using this community forum? If there's something I would like to get feedback on or that I need help with (e.g. a certain mixing issue), how do I do it without appearing pushy or as someone using the community to self-promote?

Finally, if anyone feels that my message speaks to him, I would love to connect :-) Feel free to hit me a message in that case.

Wishing you all a great day,


new member welcome connect

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