September 2018 Accomodation

Hey guys, stephane here. I am here to ask around about peoples accomodation situations, and if anyone is graduating and looking for a gap to be filled in their accomodation. I am avoiding student accomodation like the plague in favour of a flat share- or something of this nature. My budget is reasonable, and can be somewhat flexible depending on what I'm able to get. All around looking for cool, music focused (obviously) people to house with for september. Thanks Guys


Some things about myself to concider as a roomate;

-DJ/Producer of minimal/deep tech house

-instrumentalist, (Guitar, piano, cello)

-I'm a french/ american guy (so im bilingual)

- I love to go out and have a good time

-Lots and lots of live shows... Really im super into Fuse and whatnot


Get back to me

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