Rendering Thoughts

Hey folks haven't been here in a very long time, however still been making music as a hobby etc.

What I'm very interested in is about the whole Rendering Process.

Now then, I know most or all Digital Audio Workstations export into Digital File, such as Lame MP3 Encoding, High Quality WAV, some even export to Flac Lossless. Then there are other available file types such as Ogg and Midi. Which all get created from all the different inputs we produce on our DAW's.

What I'd like to know, if anyone at PB or any producers have done this then please could you share your insights.

I know that Vinyl works on an Analog type audio process, from the Vinyl Pressing to the Needle touching the crevices in between the round corridors. So I'm just curious is there a way of using a software of hardware program/process that allows the bypassing of Digital to render straight to Vinyl?


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