Flat Share with other Musicians/Producers.

Hey guys,


My name's Rishon Bondal. I'm a dance music producer, songwriter and musician from Bangalore, India. I'm hoping to find some interesting people to share a flat with. I'll be begining a 2 year BA course at Point Blank in London in January 2018. 

My hope is that we can put all our gear together and create a fun jamming environment in the house. I love disco, house, techno and everything in between. I have a budding record collection and I just love the idea of music through the house all day, all night.

I'm personally a pretty laidback and chill guy, I enjoy going out and listening to music and having good times with friends and other artists. 

If you think this sounds fun please do get in touch. 

You can reach me here: rishonbondal331@gmail.com / rishonbondaldj@gmail.com 

The Best,


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