The End of Everything (Funeral Movement)

Hi guys, I present my new work. it's a short film with original soundtrack: hope you can give to me some feedback!



After a long planning stage lasted eight months, we can announce that the last work of Mebitek and Serena Pilloni is finally out.

The title explicitly declares the narration point we find ourselves in: “The End Of Everything (Funeral Movement)”, thus the trilogy final chapter concerning the “Unconscious”, based on Jung’s theory.

We suggest watching the two previous chapters to have a complete idea about the project as a whole: “Unconscious - Cinematic Movement” ( and “Mebistep - Beget Movement (

This work of concept art is totally conceived and realised by Claudio Melis (aka Mebitek) and Serena Pilloni (aka Jele Raus), with the most important support of their staff, to be the voice for that unexplored part of us such as human unconscious, in which resides light but also darkness.

More in detail, this final chapter opts for the short movie form (10.51 min), to emphasise the cinematic nature of this project.

The soundtrack is obviously written and realised by Mebitek: the whole cinematic project, in fact, is bound up with the recent release of his new album “Art Has No Diplomacy”. Therefore, this piece of art encloses music and cinema, image and sound in a unique emotional experience.

To support their future works, it is possible to buy the soundtrack in most digital stores: google play, amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Microsoft groove, Deezer.

Now, enjoy!


cinematic shortfilm dark ambient mebitek

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