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Just came across this piece in Resident Advisor about a post Leroy Burgess made about some re-edits of his work by Marquis Hawkes, which having listened to are pretty horrendous, but raises an interesting question about reissuing and re-editing other peopels works without seeking out the artist's approval. In this case Salsoul record really should have played them to Burgess. His post in full below and it is quite a take down in the most respectful way....


Mr. Hawkes..
I have recently been exposed to your remix/re-edit of my songs from the LOGG album.. "I Know You Will" and "Something Else" and would like to, respectfully, offer my thoughts on your work.

I generally afford a great amount of creative latitude to those charged with revisiting my material.. and am often pleasantly surprised by their ingenuity and creative choices. That is not the case here, unfortunately.

Your mix of "I Know You Will" is virtually smothered with unnecessary echoes and digital delays.. thus obscuring the entire groove, the lead and background vocals.. making the song unrecognizable. This occurs early on and endures throughout the entire length of the mix. You, then, attempted a 'DJ'/Club-like drop-out that appears ill-placed and uneven. To me, this removes any semblance of validity from the song.

On "Something Else" (my personal favorite from the album), you engaged an Auto-Harmonizer type device on the lead vocals.. transposing it a fifth down from its original position and allowed the two to play together. Further, you added more musical parts to validate the transposition.. resulting in a muddled, unrecognizable piece that's difficult to listen to. - LOL

I will not presume on your credentials, your history or your abilities. I will only say that I take great pride in the original compositions and production.. which have been exceedingly well received, these past 30 plus years.. and is revered by those doing so. Your work does not do these songs justice, in my opinion. Putting it mildly, I expected to hear some creative magic from the original suggestions I put forth.. and was sorely disappointed.

Moreover, I'm surprised at the execs at Salsoul Records (a company I have huge respect for).. in accepting and releasing these clearly substandard versions of my work. Given the chance, I will tell them so directly. Ken and Stan Cayre (the company's original owners) would not have permitted this to occur.. for fear of their company's reputation.

In closing, I will only suggest that you please keep in mind that reworks derived from previously released material should demonstrate a reverence and appreciation for the original work.. as the original creators of that work may indeed be alive to hear it. And if you have an iota of respect for the work, it will be reflected in the work you do to enhance it. I hope you recieve these comments in the spirit of hope, from which they're offered.

Peace and blessings...
Leroy Jackson Burgess (with James Calloway)

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